Monthly Archives: August 2007

PC Makes A Grown Man Cry

It has been about two years since the incident and until now I have been unable to talk about it; literally. You see… my hard drive crashed, and I hadn’t done any BACKUPS for a year prior. Way back when I was only backing up really important files to recordable CD. So I lost everything; family pictures, graphics and websites I had designed, books… Read more →

Classmates IPO

Classmates filed with the SEC today… Initial Public Offering is on its way. Having at one point personally spent cold hard cash for an annual membership at, I can see the validity in owning stock of one of the largest and arguably the ‘Grandaddy’ of social networking companies online. Classmates was one of the true pioneers of social networking,… Read more →

Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter’s Facebook Scandal

Perhaps one of Rudy’s lesser life mistakes was not getting his 17-year-old daughter Caroline on board with his presidential campaign. Barack Obama has over 500 Facebook groups dedicated to his presidential campaign, and Rudy doesn’t even have a profile. Doing a search for Rudy on Facebook results in a few groups supporting him, but only one young college party animal… Read more →

Social Commerce Chapter

Here is the beginnings of the entire chapter… almost done. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Social Commerce   Premise & Major Points:    Traditional ecommerce, dinosaurs & dodo birds What is social commerce and where is it headed? Are the eBay’s, Amazons & Paypal’s of the world tuned into? How can you use the Social Ecommerce advantage in your… Read more →

$700 Million Happy Feet – Club Penguin Acquired by Disney

Thanks to Stephen Foley of the UK Telegraph for today posting an article about Disney’s acquisition of Club Penguin ($350 Million now and $350 Million later on certain user growth targets and metrics.) Club Penguin is a social network for kids, where parents pay membership fees for their 7-12 year old children to waddle around online and make friends. Never heard of… Read more →

Define: Social Commerce

The definition below will appear in a book that I am publishing this fall, along with co-author and co-founder of Sam Heyer. After a year of research and development, we feel it is about time for a standard definition to be used. Social Commerce will be just one amazing but all important chapter in our book. The definition below… Read more →

Meeting Notes Magic

Meeting notes, sales follow up, and anything else you need typed up…but just never seem to find the time. We all know what this results in; lost sales opportunities, unhappy clients and if your in the financial or legal world it may even be a compliance or legal issue. Enter the best thing for anybody in sales to debut in… Read more →