Monthly Archives: October 2007

Cash Burnt On Greeting Cards

According to Wikepidia the average person gives 55 Birthday Cards per year. If you are a business or have a gigantic family hundreds of cards a year is not out of line.¬† Well in our house with loving wife and three social butterfly daughters, it works out to a lot more than 55 cards per year. When you add in… Read more →

XP & Vista Optimization- Don’t Buy A New Computer Until You Have Done This! Do THIS If You Have Bought A New PC!

My PC is slow? Vista Sucks! VIC 20 is faster than this damn computer which is about to get the wrath of a sledge hammer. Was talking ¬†with my business partner Sam the other day and we both pretty much agreed for most people it is easier to buy a new computer than to get an old one working after… Read more →