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WordPress Ping List 2008

Top 24 Word Press Blog Ping List- Current to August 2008 (Sorry- English Only At This Time) The Top 24 list below I have compiled from various sources, and is designed for English based blogs. I put together this list out of selfishness and frustration that there seem to be no current scrubbed Word Press Ping Lists available. Specifically, the list that Elliot Back… Read more →

Authority Black Book

I have  just read one of the best guides on social marketing ever. It’s called the Authority Black Book by Jack Humphrey. Authority Black Book Jack is the go to guy who consults gurus and experts the world over on link building and social marketing strategies. I’ve watched my blog and other website traffic and rankings improve drastically by applying… Read more →


Next best thing since  __________ !  If you came here looking for bread recipes, bread history or world famous bread then your in the wrong place. Try Here:  This is about marketing in today’s messed up world of information overload, where people are now immune to good advertising.   Next best thing since SLICED BREAD.   Seth Godin is… Read more →

National Do Not Call List – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you are looking to register your phone number for the Canadian National Do Not Call List please click here: Bell Canada was awarded the 5 year contract from the CRTC in December 2007. It is official; The National Do Not Call list will be in effect in Canada by September 2008 at the latest. I have been involved… Read more →

Web com Discount Coupon Code TWC287

Don’t Buy From Until You Read This or You Will Pay Too Much First thing… go grab a pen! Write this code down… TWC287 using this link   There you just saved your self 20% on any small business website or hosting you decide to set up with If you have any problems please let me know,… Read more →