Monthly Archives: August 2008

Double Your Marketing Effectiveness Overnight

Nothing to buy here folks…!  Online marketing is dependant upon the PC’s, laptops and software we use everyday. If you sit back and analyze your online activities for a period in time, you may quickly realize just how much time you spend waiting for software programs to open, files to download and web page after webpage to painfully open. If… Read more →

Life’s Too Short For a Bad Book

I was fortunate enough to be reminded by a friend today of something I already knew, but had never quite heard stated so perfectly before.  We have all heard the term ‘Life Is Too Short’ and it’s a damn good saying to live by in most situations. We can let too many things get to us too easily in relationships,… Read more →

Constant Contact versus Aweber

Constant Contact versus Aweber If you are in Sales & Marketing then no doubt you are emailing your customers and prospects on an ongoing basis. If you aren’t using a service that specializes in email marketing, then you are losing out on increased sales, your valuable time and ultimately money. If you are still sending emails via BCC (Blind Carbon… Read more →

Out of the Office Email Marketing

Recently, during the heavy vacation period of august I sent an email blast to my list. Not surprising at all, about 30% of the email messages came back with the standard: Mrs. Jane Smith is out of the office.  I will be out of the office starting 20/08/2008 and will not return until 02/09/2008 If you need immediate assistance blah, blah, blah… … Read more →

Google Sales for Alpha Males- Increase Sales Using Free Google Applications

OK, so these essential sales tools are a godsend for anyone and everyone in sales whether or not you are a dominant female Guerrilla Marketer or the leading male in your pack. These 4 applications of free Google services can have an immediate affect on your sales ability. If you have other uses you feel I have missed, please post… Read more →