Monthly Archives: September 2008

My Hush Puppy Customer Service Story

I have an interesting story about shoes that might not be indicative of blogging about marketing ideas, but certainly is about customer service and pride of product.  For the longest time, I have been in love with Hush Puppy dress shoes. I wear them almost day and night and despite loving the product so much almost dropped buying the product… Read more →

Your Marketing Entourage

I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of the TV show Entourage, but the friends I bounce my marketing ideas off of totally are. From here on in we will refer to these fellow marketing freaks as ‘My Marketing Entourage.’  Who’s part of your entourage? Who do you bounce ideas off?  On my BlackBerry I have in constant rotation… Read more →

Finger Nails on a Chalk Board Marketing

So what do finger nails on a chalk board have to with marketing?  Well, for starters it is a statement that can often create a physical response. Many people, including myself, will feel their back curl when they hear the term, and subconciously visualize and even internally hear nails painfully scratching against a dry black chalk board. Ouch!  Creating a… Read more →

Google Chrome Speed Test

Google Chrome is officially the _______ fastest browser for Javascript! Marketing online is about speed, and the faster your internet browser is the more you can get done. I have downloaded Google’s new browser called Chrome and tested its open speed against Internet Explorer, Safari & Firefox. I will let the numbers speak for themselves, but will add one compliment to Google Chrome… Read more →