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PRWeb Press Release

I had a reader ask where to submit press releases online that actually get SEEN, and the answer to that is quite simply PRWeb. I know there are a ton of online free press release services, but I haven’t found or heard of any to be truly effective. If you care to disagree…please post your comments at the end of this post! 


WHAT: Press Release Service 

WHY: Besides getting a ton of eyeballs immediately viewing your company or service via Google News, Yahoo and other major online news services, the potential to get your story picked up by main stream media, TV, & radio should be why you submit a press release on or offline. If your story is compelling enough and starts to spread virally, it is more free advertising than you or I can potentially imagine. 

As well, your press release will be permanently pointed to your website. This can send you additional website visitors, improve your search engine rankings with major search engines, and even have your story picked up by media again, and again. 

WHEN: 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week /365 days a year.  WHERE: