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Perception is Reality

The last two days have been filled with change, and maybe you are experiencing something similar to millions across the planet; job change, relationship breakdown, change in financial position, etc.

Change like many other things can only be percieved in three ways; bad, neutral or good! But everyone, including myself, seems to often focus in and allow the end emotional result to take over!

Today, I allowed myself to focus on the end emotion as opposed to controlling the end emotion by zeroing in my attention on how I was perceiving the changes!

Maybe you do the same sometimes. Let my mistake the last couple of days be your personal reminder to focus more on how you percieve change.

What we perceive we tend to believe…

If we focus our attention on the good, even if we can only find a sliver of positivity in the change we are experiencing, then we control an exponential amount of the resulting emotion.

Perception is reality!

Urgent Warning About Gardasil (Truth or Fear Mongering)

I have three daughters so this issue is very important to discuss with my family, but when you get emails from friends and family freaking you out that  girls are dying and having adverse affects from a vaccine created  to protect our daughters from cancer… confusion and anger sets in.

Do we trust the medical doctors, the naturopathic doctors, the FDA or do we trust people like Jenny Thompson who is neither? 

It  makes you wonder who you can REALLY trust as an information source on the internet these days. I don’t normally post information like this but felt compelled to see what other people think. I’m not vouching PRO or CON the speaker, but below is the video. I would also suggest you look at this article that claims the video is a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information.


What do you think?

Mahatma Gandhi’s iPhone

The is my first post via my iPhone WordPress App. Honestly, if you had told me a year ago that I’d be switching from Blackberry I would have made a comment that ended with, “from my cold dead hands!”

Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

I agree and don’t know too many people that would dispute Gandhi. This quote has been an inspiration to me, but for some reason, has always seemed incomplete… So my deepest apologies to Gandhi but I changed it!

“To be the change you want to see in the world you must constantly be changing!”~ Lee Raito

Change is the one constant we can all count on. Whether it’s changing to an iPhone, changing your income, or changing your lifestyle…

YOU just have to decide to change and go for it.

Mahatma Gandhi would have loved the iPhone!!!