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Adding Value

Is the term ‘Added Value’ over used?

Please tell me if you disagree with my experience, but this past week of my life I have seen added value at work! Yes, added value may be cliche and even an over used term, but when it is genuine it is a game changer!!! Too often I hear companies, sales people and professionals try and over deliver or add value in the same way. If I offer you the same ‘added value’ service as everyone else does, then it no longer achieves it’s purpose! Most likely, it makes me come across the exact same as my competitors, and in a competitive world that just doesn’t cut the mustard!

This week I gave away expert Internet Marketing advice to businesses who expected to be sold something. This week was a game changer, and it was all because of ‘added value’!

How do you add value in a way that differentiates you from your competition?

Your answer could be your personal game changer!

Pulled In A Million Directions

In all fairness you literally shouldn’t be reading this.  You see I wrote ‘Pulled In A Million Directions’ a few days back and decided to delete it, because I honestly believed it was too much like a Dear Diary brain dump that would bore people to death. Then earlier today it was pointed out to me that there may be other people going through the same thing, and that my thoughts might resonate or benefit more than just a few readers. I’ll let you decide.

Alrighty then, well I’m currently re-typing this 30, 000 feet in the air. On my way to another part of Canada to bust hump for three days on a ‘business road trip’ which I will enjoy, but at the same time feel the constant heart string pull of missing my wife and daughters back home.

Work & Family; that’s only two directions Lee….

Ok, so see if you resonate with any of my million directions below, all of which I am currently experiencing, living, thinking about or actively trying to avoid clogging my brain waves.

  1. CAREER/FINANCIAL- A high powered career requiring brain draining travel, but fiscally rewarding  in the form of healthy financial commissions.
  2. FAMILY/LOVE- Three beautiful Daddy’s little girls that deserve more of their Fathers time, yet never seem to complain.
  3. LOVE/ROMANCE- A wonderful wife that can get me to play Scrabble, but has hard time getting me to just talk.
  4. POWER/PURPOSE- The family side businesses that grow in my absence, and pull at me mentally.
  5. GUILT/PLEASURE- The pressure of doctors orders to eat healthy low cholesterol food and exercise regularly. The short term pleasure of not following orders.
  6. PEER PRESSURE- The pressure of the business world to conform and especially in a sales environment dress, live & drive for success. We’ll call this one keeping up with the Jones.
  7. CONSCIENCE/SERVICE- The pull of deserving charities, and generally that I should be doing & giving back more.
  8. CAREER -The book full of ‘Great’ business ideas I have yet to find the time to implement.
  9. PASSION- The guitar that calls at me to play and only gets touched a few minutes a week.
  10. CREATIVITY- The 6 other book titles that I really should decide on which one would feed my soul the most, and start writing a MERE page a day. My heart wants to write a second book, but the clock keeps ticking.
  11. DUTY- Paying the bills, maintenance, shopping, helping parents, assisting siblings, etc,

OK, so not quite a million but for the sake of brevity I have stopped at eleven. Is it any wonder in today’s fast paced, commercialized, beautified, and instant gratification driven world that we find ourselves pulled in a million different directions. On any given day we may feel emotionally thinned out like ElastiGirl from the Incredibles, or arms wrapped around a mile of TODO’s like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.

So what!

Being pulled in millions of different directions is whose fault?

Is it Tim Berners Lee’s fault for playing a part in creating the modern internet that sucks time from people’s brains? Is it my wife’s fault for blessing me with three gorgeous daughters who love and vie for my attention? Is it my Dad’s fault because he wants to spend time with his son? Is it the airlines fault I’m a thousand miles away from my family?

Of course not!

The one common denominator in every direction I feel pulled in is me, myself & I. If I am feeling pulled in a million different directions, and not enjoying the various pull(s), then I am going to have to spend some time seriously re-evaluating the directions that are less of a need, and really a personal want. E.g. I want to write my second book, but I don’t NEED to right now as  that’s not how I make a living financially.

The solution is simple and complex at the same time.

Say NO more often to personal wants & outside requests.

Say YES to my own personal and family’s needs.

There is no ‘I’ in pull.