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Excitement is Catchy

Have you ever had one of those days where every thing just clicked?

Well, after living through one of those amazing days and riding the high it has reminded me of the common cold. Now that may sound silly at first, but when you think about how easy the common cold spreads from sneeze, to door knob to another victim laying in bed with fevered night sweats; the viral nature of excitement seems simple.

When people in my circle are excited and smiling… I am too.

When ideas get shared with excitement… I get excited.

When a stranger shares their excitement with me… it rubs off!

Excitement is very similar to the common cold, at least in how easily it can spread.

Excitement is catchy. Go ahead spread it around :)


Face To Face-30 Second Marketing Podcast 001

I started the 30 Second Marketing Podcast (on iTunes)  last year and it unfortunately got put on the back burner. Today I am reviving it and plan to Podcast  once or twice per month! They will all be short and to the point with my idea of humour thrown in!

Enjoy today’s broadcast on Face To Face marketing, and I look forward to your comments.


Video In PDF

If you are in sales, marketing, or in any fashion deliver PDF’s to clients and prospects you should be getting very excited.  2009 marks the year where the Adobe Free Reader finally allows everyday internet users to watch videos in PDF documents you send them.

Think of it this way.

If three companies were sending similar PDF proposals to a potential buyer, and all things being created equal the documents where about the same, the company who added a personalized video message, product demonstration or other dynamic video content would STAND OUT in a crowd. Does it guarantee you WIN the business? No, but in the short term until everyone is using VIDEO you will be memorable.

Plus adding video to PDF’s, I have found, is just plain fun.

In the early phase of this technology its is free for readers, but if you are producing a PDF with video then you need Adobe’s Professional version of Acrobat. It’s not cheap, but as an owner of Adobe Professional who has already closed deals using video in PDF I feel it is well worth the investment.

You can get the Free Adobe Reader  that handles video here:  Get Adobe Reader

To produce PDF’s with video you will need Acrobat Professional 9 or above:  Get Adobe Professional

Top 20 Twitter Users in Canada

Thought I would do a little self promotion, considering I have cracked the TOP 20 of Canadian Twitter users on If you are using Twitter , WeFollow is a great way to see where you rank for one of three categories you choose to TAG yourself with.

If you are not using Twitter, well then I only have two words for you… “Why Not?”  (Jump on over to and see what all the fuss is about!) If you are using Twitter please connect with me and my fellow Canadians.

Here are the TOP 20 Twitter Users tagged #Canada on WeFollow as of August 2009.

#20 leeraito

Canadian entrenpreneur/founder of several startups, a finance, marketing and tech geek blogger. Drop me a tweet and I will help you with almost anything!!

#19 kittie2171

Tech Chick from NS

#18 Homes_Extra

Canada Homes and RealEstate Destination | Resale, New homes and condos, Rental, Realtors, builders, Decoration, Housing, Renovation, Gardening, Moving guide

#17 herbadmother

Bad is the new good. Or rather, it’s the kind of good that involves liquor. Find me at and

#16 Forian

You really want to know about me? Drop me a line: or friend me at and watch me at

#15 stevenpage


#14 Dr_BobsEmporium

Computer Professional / Technical Coordinator/ Genealogy/ Science/ Technology/ Social Networking/ Canadian Politics/ #winnipeg

#13 KulpreetSingh

Soul. Servant of Guru Granth Sahib. Selfless Service. Spirituality. Human Rights. Almost Vegan. Vancouver. WordPress. Marketing. Love. Truth.

#12 jmapplebeck

Headhunter and Freemason who tightropes Capitalism vs Socialism and strong Socio-economic awareness

#11 kgrandia

Managing Editor of, co-founder of and New Media Director for the Vancouver PR firm Hoggan and Associates

#10 CTVCanadaAM

Canada’s only national morning show

#9 BalanceForce

B.A., M.Div., Bereavement Counselor, Cape Breton born, Living in Toronto, Unemployment Resource

#8 arjunbasu

Author, editor, traveller, husband, dad, foodie, slightly mad. Creating Twisters, 140-character short stories

#7 TheHour

Canada’s award winning late night talk show, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo)

#6 Guelphite

I have been employed with 20 years experience in the emergency, security and disaster management fields…..Now I teach

#5 CanadaFans

Oh Canada! We keep you updated on all sports, entertainment, and breaking news in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal.

#4 OksanaIrwin

Inspired Entrepreneur & Passionate Environmentalist; Healthy Home Coach

#3 cbcnews

Top stories, features and viewpoints from Comments and replies by associate producer John.

#2 CanadaCool

Travel Writer – In search of what makes Canada Cool. Join me at

#1 simpleplan

Simple Plan – new self-titled album in stores now