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Never Say Never

Have you ever said, “Never again in my life?”

This past year I have seen so many people break their never agains.

My wife Tanya’s NEVER for years was ‘Sushi’! Now, she loves going as often as possible.

I have seen people change and reunite with family they said they would NEVER see again!

Considering that every 7 years every single cell in our body is replaced, essentially creating a brand new person! It might make sense to consider not speaking for someone else.

In other words…

If you will be a completly different person 7 years from now…

‘Never Say Never’!

Man Can Fly

This continues on with my theme this week of  “Anything Is Possible!”

If you are a thrill seeker who is bored with jumping out of planes… you’ll want to do this!

For everyone else be prepared to hold your breath!


I Can’t

I grew up knowing and have as well forced my children to believe that “I Can’t” is just another swear word.

My daughter’s have still managed to find ways to challenge the belief, by asking, “Is _______ impossible?” in other words, insert time travel, aliens on earth, peace on earth, or any number of seemingly impossibles!

Challenge to your hearts content, but human beings have a strong history of debunking the ‘We Can Not’s’ or ‘That’s Impossible’!

Anything is possible.

Thought Leadership

Who are the ‘Thought Leaders’ online?

Online they are the bloggers (including traditional journalists) YouTube video producers, the Twitter Elite, the Squidoo experts, and other online content creators that can create change and shift opinions.

Over the next few years offline thought leaders will be few and far between. Not that they won’t exist, as surely they will, but offline just doesn’t and won’t spread like years gone by!

You might want to get to know a few thought leaders sooner rather than later, or better yet consider becoming one!

Be The Change,

Daily Activity Motivator

Are there activities that you need to do every day for you J.O.B. or business that  are necessary, but at the same time you find difficult to find the motivation to get done?

I want to give you a mind shift. This mind shift will only work if in some fashion you are motivated by money, and that difficult activity can specifically be linked to revenue.

Here is the mind shift or temporary magic bullet!

Take Your Annual Revenue/Sales/etc.

divided by

The # of times that activity needs to be done per year.

(example: $200,000/ 650 sales meeting= $307.69)

Would knowing that every time you had or booked a meeting meant another $300 in your pocket help motivate you?

What if  every time you made a sales call you knew, regardless of the outcome, it was money in the bank.

Regardless of what you need to do every day… the activity doesn’t have to change; only your perception does.