Monthly Archives: October 2009

Google Audio

I love music and you probably do to. Thanks to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch for bringing this to every one’s attention. Is Google sending users who search for music to iLike & LaLa a game changer? In my humble opinion NO. (Great for iLikeĀ  & Lala though) It’s certainly different that you may now actually be able to find songs… Read more →

Balloon Boy & Miracle Baby

Wow!!! As a parent, I’m not sure how I feel about either of these crazy almost lethal experiences! Either way, these stories are turning heads and I’m sure a few stomachs on YouTube, CNN and TV’s around the world!!! Balloon Boy Turns out he wasn’t in the balloon after all (might it be a publicity stunt!) [youtube][/youtube] Baby Survives Being… Read more →

The Art of Dying

Crazy title I know… Unfortunately, someone very close to me is dying. My thoughts are constantly with that person, who I’m sure prefers to remain names less. FACT: One day both you and I will die. CHOICE: How will we deal with our own demise? If there indeed is an Art to Dying, and I believe there is, then I… Read more →

The Fun Theory

I felt compelled to share this outside of the box video (produced by contestants in a VW viral initiative) where they were able to get 66% more people to take the stairs versus the escalators. So if you are anything like me, up here in Canada, and have ate a ton over Thank Giving long weekend, then we all know… Read more →

Full Moon

You know there is a full moon near when David Letterman is publicly dealing with extortion over sex scandals, Chicago is in tears over failing to get the 2016 Olympics, and Breast Cancer Awareness month is being over shadowed by Typhoon Pepeng (don’t get me wrong… both deserve attention!) If you believe Full Moons affect people, then I guess you… Read more →