Monthly Archives: November 2009

Is Food Stressing You Out?

Is Food Stressing You Out? If you had to rate your level of stress by describing yourself as food what would you be? Are you a healthy well prepared five course meal or are you the proverbial Big Mac, Fries & Super Sized Milkshake? Awhile back I wrote a post about the 5 most stressful events in life; death, job… Read more →

Love What You Create- Desktop Background

It is such a simple but powerful statement, “Love what you create…” It truly applies to everything; your work, your family, your business and ultimately to YOU. If you connect with this mantra you may like the three desktop backgrounds I created. Just right click any of the images below and click Set As Desktop Background. This way you can… Read more →

Define Failure

Is failure holding you back? Is failure an option? I was asked a question this week that has dominated my thoughts ever since… The question was, “What is failure to you?” As a person who sometimes procrastinates on dealing with confrontation, I started asking other people what their definition was. This was my 1st attempt at avoiding the inner conflict… Read more →

Own Your Own Name Online

I was recently out for drinks with a friend and the conversation led to ‘Googling’ your own name. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and Googled his name… First result was his LinkedIn  profile… good start! The rest of the first page results were related to his name appearing in various charity and foundation Web documents. What can I… Read more →