Monthly Archives: February 2010

In Over Your Head

I think we have all felt at times we are in over our head. Whether that’s with work, family, or an extreme combination of the two.  The analogy is easy to understand and relate to; an inexperienced swimmer falls into water thats too deep. You feel like you can’t get up for air! The common theme is that it is… Read more →

Andrew Garcia-American Idol

I normally don’t like making predictions, and blogging about American Idol may be a tad off topic for me, but young father & singer songwriter Andrew Garcia is such an amazing talent.. he is going to win.  As a music lover, amateur musician & blogger I wanted to do my small part to spread the news and encourage everyone to… Read more →

Where Have All The Children Gone?

Where have all the children gone? The statistics prove where they are! This post was written to make myself and other parents feel bad. I have no excuses and need to step it up a notch… do you? We know darn well where the children have gone, and we as parents are responsible. You know you’re getting old when you… Read more →