Monthly Archives: March 2010

My Father In-Law Died Today

What do you say in the short term when someone close to you, and those you love dearly, passes away? I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but here is my perspective! At the time I started writing this, my father in-law died a mere three hours ago, it wasn’t unexpected and the pain is so fresh it is surreal. One… Read more →

Suck It Up

If you are in business, sales, marketing or even in a majority of JOB type positions, I think you will be able to relate. My hope is this hits someone exactly when they needed it most! Here are just a few RANTs you may have heard before: There wasn’t enough capital raised for the company to fly. I’m burnt out.… Read more →

Your Bucket List

Ya, Ya… I know!!! The movie has been out for over three years, but have you used that as a fire under you  to put together the list of things you want, activities you most desire to do,  or are committed to trying to achieve before you die. I’ve posted mine online here, but this isn’t about me…its about you!… Read more →