Winnipeg Pride

Unless you are from Winnipeg or have visited our fine city this might not interest you. I will keep this short and brief as the only reason I am posting this picture of a broken, rusty & dirty sign at Portage & Main, is because I truly love Winnipeg and want to draw attention to city officials & other citizens that we have fallen down. I know we have more pride than currently being demonstrated at Portage & Main, and someone just needs to do their job and get this fixed. In fact, these signs are second rate. Tear them down and put up something that will truly show visitors how we take pride in our city.

When a city has an operating budget close to 800 Million dollars per year there is just no excuse to have broken signs at our most famous corner.

Hopefully, the right people will see this and take action.

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Living Up To Expectations

This new street is being developed not too far from where I live, and got me to thinking about the expectations we place on ourselves, our relationships, and people in our lives. If you lived on a street called “Romance Lane” could you live up to the name?

The only point I’m going to make is that, it is pretty apparent that the greatest expectations are created in our own minds and are really dominated by the word ‘could & ‘if’’!

My relationship could be better if my wife could just ________ ?

My job would be more satisfying if I could just get my boss to _______?

I could be better if I just __________?

I’m going to try and live the next week making mental notes of how expectations may be having a negative effect in every aspect of my life.

I think Fritz said it best!

“I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.” Fritz Perl