Monthly Archives: January 2011

Hero Saved a Life Today

Today, a 26 year old father of two dropped dead while working out at the gym. Staff found NO pulse on the young man & when my brother-in-law Darren, a Registered Nurse, noticed what had happened, he rushed over and was told he has zero pulseĀ  & the ambulance is on its way! Darren quickly asked if they had a… Read more →

Destiny Versus Plan

Do you have a destiny? Do you control your life? Spent sometime today thinking about destiny versus my life by design today and I know which camp I firmly stand in. Where do you stand? If you totally disagree with me please reply with your thoughts… I am very curious to hear other peoples take on ‘destiny’! Random thoughts: *I… Read more →

The Canadian Way

Took this surreal photo late last year & at the time with the ice cold wind chilling me to the bone it reminded me of being Canadian. If frozen toes, a Tim Hortons coffee and an outdoor ice hockey rink being cleaned by a Zamboni aren’t ‘The Canadian Way’ then I don’t know what is! Just a few days ago… Read more →