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Less Is More While Slurping An Oyster

Today, I sat in a restauraunt slurping down the most amazing shucked oysters I have ever tasted and it reminded me of an old adage, “Less is more!”

Imagine a truly tiny, tiny seafood bar that for a 100 years has thrived on serving no more than 18 people at a time. This little jem of an oyster bar in San Francisco has line ups out the door that any patron will tell you are well worth waiting for.

They have no website. They don’t take reservations. They are only openĀ  until 5:30pm 6 days a week. No WIFI, NO LCD flatscreens & NO Twitter account to speak of. If you come with out cash your also out of luck as they DON’T take plastic!

Today, I rediscovered less is more while slurping down a professionaly shucked oyster.

It’s time to re-evaluate everything.

If your ever in San Francisco make your way over to the Swan Osyter Depot on Polk Street . It’s an experience.

Here are a few resources if you are interested in checking them out: (Amazing Reviews)