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The Recipe For Change

Happy New Years!!!

Eat Humble Pie
The Recipe For Change

New Years Resolutions have had a bad rap. I see many a blogger, author and commenter suggesting resolutions just don’t work! I’m curious as to why. What makes CHANGE so difficult? Why do New Years resolutions fail more often than not?

I have a theory!

No one hands us an easy RECIPEĀ  FOR CHANGE. We have plenty of books, blogs, courses and gyms that will happily take our hard earned money. But they never come with that bonus coupon that guarantees they will also motivate you to butt out, wake up early after a long sleepless night to work out, slap your hand when reaching for a bag of chips, or to not work late and spend more time with your family.

Let’s face it! We are hardwired to resist change. The short term pain too often trumps the long term gain. Having said that, I believe there is an effective recipe for change that works more often than not! It is so effective I am often afraid to use or invoke it in my own life. I’ll let you be the judge.

The most effective agent of personal change is TRUE FEAR of failure!!! Let me explain. When failure is personal and silent it sucks big time, but is easily dismissed. When failure is public and forever in the eyes of your closest friends, family and co-workers the mere thought of it is like trying to imagine jumping out of a plane without a parachute, swallowing a scorpion or gnawing off your own arm. Sorry for the horrific visuals, but the latter examples are clearly not easily dismissed.

Use this recipe to your advantage! If you REALLY want to change, subject yourself to potential personal and public humiliation. If you want to lose weight; bet your 10 closest friends and family members you will achieve your goal by XYZ date or you will pay each of them $(painful amount of money). Need motivation to work out four times a week; send an email with the plan to your co-workers detailing how you if you fail, by XYZ date, you will work an entire week wearing pajamas and will make a $(painful amount of money) donation to a charity or association you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to publicly support! šŸ™‚

You can achieve this on your own or, for those that truly understand and accept their lack of motivation, YES there is a website that will force you to comply. Use and increase your success odds from a mere 30% to a whopping 70%. Complete your recipe for change using the digital equivelant of eating humble pie.

For the remainder of 2013 I look forward to bringing you digital rockstar style RECIPES for life, food, tech shortcuts, and digital goodness that will help make your, and my, life better in 2013! I too plan to eat my own humble pie.

Happy New Year!



PS. BlogĀ  Update: I will slowly be adding my favourite slow carb and cheat day recipes here: /recipes/ ( If you are into slow carb please share your favourites and I would love to hear feedback on the recipes I post). If you are not into slow carb… here is my original post on the diet/lifetsyle. /slow-carb-diet/