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Chasing The Carrot or The Stick~ Monday Motivation #11

Are you chasing the carrot or the stick? A little deep for my normal Monday Motivation videos… BUT!!! I think it is awesome to understand, based on sound research,  what truly motivates some people in the work place. Is it money? Is it praise? You may just be surprised!

RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

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10 min 48 seconds

Love what you create! What will you create today?





Monday Motivation – At Our Core We Help Each Other #8

1:59 min video to start your Monday off motivated and ready to take on the week!

It was National Disability day at Fenway Park and this young autistic man was struggling singing the US National Anthem. The power and capacity for us to help each other never ceases to amaze me.

National Anthem Fenway Park

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I have scoured the internet to find inspirational and motivational videos to get my own Monday rocking and rolling with the right mindset. I post them at 5am CST every Monday morning. Please feel free to share, and let me know if you find a motivating or inspirational video I should be sharing.