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A Letter From 95 Year Old Fred-Monday Motivation 14

What is more motivating than true love? This is probably one of the most moving love stories I have heard in awhile. A 95 year old man so heart stricken after losing the love of his life pens a song for an online contest with zero musical experience. What makes this even more special is that he was with his wife 75 years. As a musician and a man that has true love in his life… this made me cry

A Letter From Fred – *OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY* Oh Sweet Lorraine An Amazing Song Written by Fred!

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Touching when he says, “I really miss her…it was like dream.”

After watching this video I think you’ll agree that true love is one of the most powerful things on the planet. Having compassionate people on this planet, that believe in true love, is why I think this song came to life. Kudos to Jacob Colgan of Green Shoe Studio for making this song a reality. Also to the FRED STOBAUGH, “I hope you KNOW you have touched so many more hearts than just one!”

You can buy Oh Sweet Lorraine on iTunes here: Oh Sweet Lorraine

Who do you love? Do they know it?