Man Can Fly

This continues on with my theme this week of  “Anything Is Possible!” If you are a thrill seeker who is bored with jumping out of planes… you’ll want to do this! For everyone else be prepared to hold your breath! [youtube][/youtube] Read more →

Pay It Forward Charity Blog Contest Results

Results Are In & The Winners Are…. ** If you have Stumbled Upon this blog after the contest has closed please post your comments below or subscribe to our email list as we will be doing more in the future!!!! First Place – Suwari (Comment 41)  Second Place – Yang T (Comment 31) Third Place- Nicola (Comment 49) We will update which… Read more →

Blogology-The Science of Blogging

Well, finally got time to get a underground project into the light! We launched this weekend, and are actively looking for writers (Blogologists) who are willing to work for next to nothing in the short term, in exchange for future limelight and percentage of profits.  We have WordPress covered, so if you know of anyone who would like to write about Blogger… Read more →

New Beginnings

Its about time I start documenting online all the amazing things that have happened to me personally & professionally over the past decade. More importantly, I want to get in the now and really make a difference.  Whether I affect one person or thousands, one small business or massive corporations, then I will have succeeded. Maybe you can help along the… Read more →