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AWeber Tip-Personalization Advantage

One of the largest of advantages of AWeber is your ability to customize each communication, so it feels like you are sending an email directly to the recipient. (e.g. Dear <first name>, or Hi <First name>, will appear as Hi John, or Dear John, …Don’t under estimate the power in personalizing your communications, as your readers receive hundreds of emails a day that are not personalized. This will help you stand out. Also, there are many customizations beyond your readers name, if you have considered collecting the information; City, Address, Gender, or any other custom field you decide is important to you and your list.

Here are a few personalization tips that will help you stand out amongst the masses:

  1. 1.       Consider adding your readers first name name to the subject line of your email. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a person’s own name, and studies have shown emails get opened when a recipient’s first name  is strategically included in the subject line of your email. (e.g.  This video is insane <first name> ! )
  2. Try to engage your readers by asking them questions to get a response. (e.g. Do you have an idea or topic you would like us to cover <first name>?)
  3. 3.       Geo location targeting is all the rave the days. If you have collected the city your reader lives in, why not occasionally interweave this information into your newsletter.  (e.g. According to Bloomberg real estate prices in the United States have shown a sign of bottoming.  Is this the case in your community in <City>?

These are just a few of the personalization techniques you should consider.

Just as an FYI!  There are many experts who also disagree, and say that everyone knows these days it’s a computer program just inserting a name or data point. It’s no longer personal. I’ll leave the decision up to you in the end, but I would personally rather receive an email addressed, Dear or Hi Lee, as opposed to G’Day, Good Afternoon or nothing at all.

Rebecca Swayze of the Official blog did an interesting pro & con post on this that you may find an interesting read.

Man Can Fly

This continues on with my theme this week of  “Anything Is Possible!”

If you are a thrill seeker who is bored with jumping out of planes… you’ll want to do this!

For everyone else be prepared to hold your breath!


Pay It Forward Charity Blog Contest Results

Results Are In & The Winners Are….

** If you have Stumbled Upon this blog after the contest has closed please post your comments below or subscribe to our email list as we will be doing more in the future!!!!

First Place – Suwari (Comment 41)  Second Place – Yang T (Comment 31) Third Place- Nicola (Comment 49)

We will update which Charities benefited once the winners have indicated where the $$$ is going!


We have to make a special note of Nicola who desperatley tried to bribe the judges by sending the photo on the left. We hope they will enjoy the suprise bonus. Also, our oldest daughter Emma really wanted Yang T to be the top winner, as the story of ripping a dollar bill in half really had her chuckling.  As you will see in the below video, the results of the contest were 100% random, and although you needed the judges vote to get into the final 10, it was all luck after that.

Well our first blog contest has sadly come to an end, but you can be sure this won’t be the last.

My wife and three daughters have simply been amazed that entries have come from the furthest reaches of China, Italy, the United States, Africa and many other countries. Many contestants were very creative and even wise in attempting to bribe the wee judges. Everyone has a worthy charity to support and we truly wish we could support them all!

Thank  you to everyone who took part and we look forward to ‘Paying It Forward’ more in 2009. 

Video Proof of Random Draw of 10 Finalists:

Blogology-The Science of Blogging

Well, finally got time to get a underground project into the light! We launched this weekend, and are actively looking for writers (Blogologists) who are willing to work for next to nothing in the short term, in exchange for future limelight and percentage of profits.  We have WordPress covered, so if you know of anyone who would like to write about Blogger and or Typepad, and anything else blog related please send them our way.

All in the name of science right!

Sales Name Idea Generator

Just a short thought this evening, as I have been asked as a favor for a friend to come up with a kick ass name for an amazing piece of software that generates leads for sales professionals in various markets. I can’t discuss the niche, but what I though I would give you is my simple technique for generating names! Generating new ideas & names will help your sales efforts period, as you need to do this every day to create catchy subject lines for your emails, tag lines for advertising campaigns, and countless other sales based communicables!

Warning: This isn’t for generating cool names, this is for generating highly targeted names that your potential customers will immediately recognize. There’s a reason Microsoft named their browser Internet Explorer… because that’s what it does!

Here it is:

1. Immediately put yourself in the mindset of your audience, in this particular case they are looking for  (Lead) (Generation)(Software) (Specific Niche)… that’s my starting point. If you have no knowledge of your audience, it is very unlikely your idea (name) will appeal to them. Know your audience.

2. Now I go and analyze the competition by doing a Google search for, you guessed it, “lead generation software + niche” I’m not going to bore you with the results, but what I found were that most names were obscure and unrelated to the niche. In fact, 99% of companies had to heavily advertise to be noticed 1st page on Google. You can pay attention to whose advertise if you want, as its good to know your competition, but I think its really important to zone in those names and tag lines that make their way to the top of Google naturally.

3. Armed with my audience in mind, and ideas from the strongest competitors, its then time to get down to business generating a kick ass name.  But I do so something crazy here. I try and forget about the task for at least an hour, or best case scenario overnight, then come back to it. You will be amazed what you come up with when you sit down with a piece of paper or open up a .doc on your PC. The ideas will flow.

That’s it…quite simply really, but highly effective!

Since your still here I have a favor to ask, join my list off to the right there…download my book, and shoot me your thoughts!



New Beginnings

Its about time I start documenting online all the amazing things that have happened to me personally & professionally over the past decade. More importantly, I want to get in the now and really make a difference.  Whether I affect one person or thousands, one small business or massive corporations, then I will have succeeded.

Maybe you can help along the way…

Here’s to ‘New Beginnings!’