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This is an amazingly easy plugin that I wanted to highlight from the folks over at MaxBlogPress.  It gives you a FAVICON beside your blog URL, beside the tab in your users browser, and if your blog is added to someones favorites it would also stand out in your subscribers fav folder. One easy and free WordPress Plugin that snazzes up your blog in more than one way.

WordPress Plugin:

What I really liked about this was not only how easy it was, but they have a ton of icons to choose from. If you don’t like any that are available you can get them free all over the net, or even design your own. I plan on tricking out my favicon with a custom design, but for now the simple green check mark is good enough, and a heck of a lot more than I was doing before!

FaviconsHere are the favicons that come included! But remember you can find them free all over the place, and they are a ton of free favicon software programs and websites you can use to create our own. Here is one that you can take any image you have and turn it into an .ico file.

Simple directions and the free plugin download I have put here :

 Favicon SEOLastly, there is one huge bonus when it comes to search engine marketing.

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