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Next best thing since  __________ ! 

If you came here looking for bread recipes, bread history or world famous bread then your in the wrong place. Try Here:  This is about marketing in today’s messed up world of information overload, where people are now immune to good advertising.  

Next best thing since SLICED BREAD.  

Seth Godin is one of the world’s most premier experts on permission based marketing, and in a speech he did about a year ago he drives home the reality for people and companies trying to market in today’s world of information overload.  People ignore advertising and marketing today, even if it’s darn good. Unless it’s truly remarkable…you will be largely be ignored by potential customers. 

Bread was once not sliced….quite shocking!

But one man in 1917, Otto Frederick Rohwedder had an idea and a vision that the world would eat sliced bread. Due to a fire he lost his first prototype, and didn`t’ have a working slicing machine until the 1920’s. By the late 1920`s he again had a working model, and several bread companies started using it.

Wonder Bread

The world disagreed and didn`t jump all over the `Best Thing Since Sliced Bread` for  several years, until the 1930’s,  when a company called Wonder Bread came along, launched a massive marketing campaign and made sliced bread remarkable. What Otto and the initial bread companies that adopted the technology couldn’t do to spread the word, took Wonder bread only a very short time. Wonder Bread, at the time, was remarkable. People took the time to ‘remark’ to friends, family and co-workers the Wonders of Wonder Bread, pun intended.  

Here is the video of Seth Godin’s Bread speech, and it is well worth the 18 minutes of your time. Whether you are a consumer interested in how businesses are vying for your dollars, or in sales and marketing and need inspiration for your own marketing… this is a must see and covers a lot more than just bread!


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