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Cash Burnt On Greeting Cards

According to Wikepidia the average person gives 55 Birthday Cards per year. If you are a business or have a gigantic family hundreds of cards a year is not out of line. 

Cash Burnt On Greeting Cards

Well in our house with loving wife and three social butterfly daughters, it works out to a lot more than 55 cards per year. When you add in anniversaries, new arrivals & Christmas it gets down right expensive and time consuming at about $4 for store bought cards, postage and this doesn’t even consider the time, gas or additional items you inevitably end up splurging on every time you go shopping  .

So we did the math out of curiosity and although our Card Giving Chart below is approximate numbers we feel they are pretty darn close.

<><><><>Card Giving Chart
Birthdays 213
Anniversaries 9
New Arrivals 10
Christmas 50
 Total 282
 $4.00/AVG $1,128

Over $1000 a year in all honesty wasn’t really shocking. At this point I didn’t even want to dig into which ones went along with gifts at $20 to $40 a pop. That’s for another day!

So my wife and I decided to do some research and check out the online do it your self versions of the popular card manufacturers like Hallmark & American Greetings, versus services that also put a stamp and send out the cards for you like SendOutCards. Our question was, “Could we get the costs down and still send out a high quality card?”


To our astonishment we were able to get the card cost down to a little over .44 cents per card and envelope; after postage we were coming in under a dollar. Even rounding the costs off to one dollar, we would still save over $500 a year and probably thousands on gas, unnecessary impulse buys and most importantly ‘TIME’!

We went with if you are ondering, the quality is great and at the end of the day we get more compliments on our cards than before because we are able to personalize them. Always happy to refer business to good companies, especially when it can save you hard earned cash! The fact that you can send a few cards for free to try it out is AWESOME!






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Karl Erfurt

The average person sends out 55 birthday cards per year?! I find that one pretty difficult to believe, but if true, that is simply ridiculous. No wonder so many Americans are going into debt!

Frankly, I don’t see the point of sending out greeting cards to everyone and their dog when we have this newfangled invention called email. Nowadays it’s even possible to send electronic greeting cards to friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc., so it is really not necessary to spend all of that money on cards or postage.


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