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The Fun Theory

I felt compelled to share this outside of the box video (produced by contestants in a VW viral initiative) where they were able to get 66% more people to take the stairs versus the escalators. So if you are anything like me, up here in Canada, and have ate a ton over Thank Giving long weekend, then we all know we need to take the stairs this week.

Volkswagen has put together something pretty cool and outside of the box with ‘The Fun Theory’ … do check it out :


Excitement is Catchy

Have you ever had one of those days where every thing just clicked?

Well, after living through one of those amazing days and riding the high it has reminded me of the common cold. Now that may sound silly at first, but when you think about how easy the common cold spreads from sneeze, to door knob to another victim laying in bed with fevered night sweats; the viral nature of excitement seems simple.

When people in my circle are excited and smiling… I am too.

When ideas get shared with excitement… I get excited.

When a stranger shares their excitement with me… it rubs off!

Excitement is very similar to the common cold, at least in how easily it can spread.

Excitement is catchy. Go ahead spread it around :)


Is Viral Marketing Dead

This is basically a retort to what Lain Thomson subjectively reported on No beef with Lain, but HP is off their viral marketing rocker chair!

Is Viral Marketing Dead?

According to HP’s Social Computing Lab research into social actions of Internet users on such services like Facebook or YouTube, Viral Marketing may not be dead, but it barely has a pulse. They suspect that because users only interact with in two to three subgroups no matter how many friends they have, this may be the cause for many failed viral marketing campaigns.  

Could it be true? Is Viral marketing dead? 

There is some marketing executive crying, “It was really, really good, it was a mega wicked viral campaign that just didn’t spread!” Now HP has given every failed marketing campaign an excuse, as opposed to saying it was just a real bad viral marketing campaign, or it was snuffed out by something better.

Viral marketing is not dead, nor will it ever be.  

On YouTube or Facebook, you have milliseconds to grab a user’s attention, and sometimes marketing executives mess up and miss their mark…period. They only thing that I can see that HP got partially right was that momentum has to be gained in the first day, and that’s logical for a campaign  to have immediate and exponential growth.

Viral Marketing Lives On… and marketing executives everywhere will forever be in pursuit of those crazy ideas such as the One Red Paper Clip, the Milliondollar Homepage, Mentos & Diet Coke! Dan’s has a pretty good list of viral campaigns here to read upon: