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Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

Have you ever had a year that when you look back to reflect upon your life and the negative experiences on surface appear to out weigh the positive?

Well, that’s the way my primitive brain works in recalling this past year and I have an inkling you might be the same way!

I hope you will consider taking the time to do this exercise for yourself.

As so often our minds can play tricks on us & almost force us to focus on the negative. After reflecting on 2010, I hope you will do what I’m about to do, and that is CLOSE off 2010  & OPEN up 2011 as a New Year of priorities, endless possibilities & pursuit of passion!!! This is not about New Years Resolutions, per say, this is your & my controllable future.

The Past ( It is whats it is!)

Today,  I took the time to list some  hardships or negative experiences in 2010 and as well any accomplishments or highlights I could recall:

2010 Hardships:

  • My father in-law passed away Mar. 31/2010 on my fathers Birthday  (Rest In Peace Manfred)
  • Another family member’s Multiple Sclerosis took a turn for the worse
  • My daytime financial gig experienced turmoil with my sales territory cut in half
  • A major software project I have been involved in for years was hit with serious delays & roadblocks (
  • I failed to quit smoking

2010 Accomplishments or Highlights:

  • My family and I stayed healthy
  • My little brother Petri got married to Marni April 2010 ( An amazing family wedding in Mexico)
  • My wife & daughters (first time) experienced an amazing vacation in the Canadian Rockies
  • July/August of 2010 I recorded & released my first single “One & The Same” (Top 55 in Canada)
  • I traveled less in 2010 & spent way more time at home with my amazing Raito Girls
  • I hit 90% of my income goal for 2010
  • As an Advisory Board Member & volunteer I helped the Children’s Wish organization grant close to 80 wishes for Manitoba & Northern children in 2010

The Future (It is what I make it!)

  • (Passion) I have set in motion the necessary steps to complete the recording of my first studio album (8-10 songs) in 2011
  • (Passion) As a couple and as a family we have set the time necessary to ensure we spend quality and loving time together in 2011.
  • (Priorities) I have set specific & measurable income goals for 2011 to ensure that my family & I can continue to enjoy not only the basics of daily living, but as well 1 basement renovation, 1 family vacation & continued support of our preferred charity Children’s Wish
  • (Priorities & Possibilities) In conjunction with partners on the software project ( confidence is high that in early 2011 the successful public launch  of the coolest music application on earth will occur.
  • (Priorities) Renewed focus on my health.  (My family’s wealth, success & happiness depend upon it!)

Those are just a few of  the main priorities, passions & possibilities I have my laser focus on in 2011.

Be the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD. ~Mahatma Ghandi

How about you? How are you saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011?

Dreams Do Come True

Yahoooooo!!!!!!! My Song ‘One and The Same‘ Made The Top 55 (Dreams do come true!)

On Wednesday, September 1st Round two of  voting opened up for David Suzuki’s & CBC Radio 3’s Playlist for the Planet. Please keep reading as I need YOUR help over the next week until September 8th (I’ll explain more at the end)…

With over 750 songs entered in the contest & after all your voting in round one, ‘One & The Same’ has made the top 5 songs in Manitoba & with your help this week it could be chosen as the number one environmental anthem in Manitoba, and be put on the Universal Music album being released this October! All proceeds from the sale of this album will go to help saving our planet through the David Suzuki foundation. Our children deserve to inherit a healthy planet!

Until September 8th please  vote once per day to help ‘One & The Same’ go down in history as an environmental anthem next to such great artists as Joel Plaskett, Bruce Cockburn, Broken Social Scene, k-os, Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Bachman (with Sarah McLachlan and Nikki Yanofsky), DOA, Tom Jackson, Johnny Reid, Raffi, LIGHTS, Jessie Farrell, Rush, the Trews, Great Big Sea, and Tanya Tagaq.

Here is how you vote:

1. Please go here & vote once per day for  ‘One & The Same’ until  Wednesday,  September 8th: (Login if you have already registered as a free member or take 2 seconds to signup for free)

2. If you want me to keep you up to date & hear how this all turns out please select the ‘Become a Fan’ button on this page:

3. Please share this with anyone & everyone you can..

Lastly, I can’t thank you enough as I couldn’t have come this far with out you & all my other friends!!!Now, lets go & win this thing!

I Need Your Help

I could use your help for a good cause 🙂 Honestly, anything you can do to help would be awesome! (e.g. sharing this with your contacts!)

For a great cause, I officially released my first (independent) single ‘One & The Same‘ (scratch another off the bucket list):

I wrote and recorded in studio this song specifically for the David Suzuki ‘Playlist for the Planet’ in hopes of making a small difference in this world that we can all choose to save. Two artists/songs will be selected from  100’s to be on a Major Label album this November, with all proceeds going to the David Suzuki Foundation which will directly help our planet for future generations.

You can check the song out here:

If you connect with the lyrics & music please take the time to sign up on the CBC website as a fan and FAVORITE the song! Voting will start August 15th, so I will be hitting you up again then to help cast a few votes my way.

Hope you enjoy the song and that it affects even a few small changes in the world!!!

Again, anything you can do to help is appreciated.

Good Karma,