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I Quit Blogging Today

Flying 30,000 ft above the frozen prairies of Canada it struck me! I’m not blogging for ALL the right reasons! Sure, when I’m consistent, I can churn out some damn good posts that point my readers in the right technological direction! Yet, something major is missing. I’m not enjoying it as much as I use to, honestly don’t think I’m… Read more →

Top Ten Tools For 2010

These tools, ideas, software, blogs and online services are my top ten for you to consider making your life, business and technology work a lot harder for you this year, and beyond! I say ‘our’, as I can not take credit for all of them, as many readers and other blogs I regularly read have pointed out several of these!… Read more →

Own Your Own Name Online

I was recently out for drinks with a friend and the conversation led to ‘Googling’ your own name. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and Googled his name… First result was his LinkedIn  profile… good start! The rest of the first page results were related to his name appearing in various charity and foundation Web documents. What can I… Read more →

Thank You

After several years of blogging there are two words I love to hear, and even more so that I absolutely experience joy saying to other people! Thank you! AKA thanks, tks or thankyou!!!! Today, I received my 100th blog comment and two emails from various people thanking me for my help and gosh darn it feels good! What can I… Read more →

Top 3 Pet Peeve Geek Questions

OK fellow geeks, and good day to the non-geeks who torment us with nightly phone calls! I may not be an IT specialist, but if you are like me and happen to be remotely good with a computer these days, you quasi de facto become tech support for your parents, siblings, friends and co-workers. So this post is for all… Read more →