I Quit Blogging Today

Flying 30,000 ft above the frozen prairies of Canada it struck me! I’m not blogging for ALL the right reasons! Sure, when I’m consistent, I can churn out some damn good posts that point my readers in the right technological direction! Yet, something major is missing. I’m not enjoying it as much as I use to, honestly don’t think I’m… Read more →

Thank You

After several years of blogging there are two words I love to hear, and even more so that I absolutely experience joy saying to other people! Thank you! AKA thanks, tks or thankyou!!!! Today, I received my 100th blog comment and two emails from various people thanking me for my help and gosh darn it feels good! What can I… Read more →

Traditional Blogs Are Dying- The Conclusion

Part 1- Traditional Blogs Are Dying Intro & Current Stats Part 2- Traditional Blogs Are Dying- Long Run Projection Rates Part 3- Traditional Blogs Are Dying- The Problems Section 4: How To Stay Ahead of the Curve and Profit The internet is still in its infancy, and although blogging is here to stay it will get progressively more difficult to stand… Read more →

Traditional Blogs Are Dying- Part 3- The Problems

Part 1- Traditional Blogs Are Dying Intro & Current Stats  Part 2- Traditional Blogs Are Dying- Long Run Projection Rates Section 3: The Problems So as you have read you might already have come to some personal conclusions as to what the major problems currently are for businesses and professionals in the blogging world right now. But, apply the math and… Read more →

Traditional Blogs Are Dying – Part 2

Click Here To Go Back To Read The Intro Post & Section 1 Section 2: Long Run Projection Rates Using Technorati’s math of 133 Million Blogs worldwide, and disregarding the generally excepted 180 Million blogs number (often quoted online) I did a simple growth chart. As you will see in figure 1.51 below, if blogs were just to simply keep… Read more →

Traditional Blogs Are Dying- Part 1

Traditional Blogs are Dying & Why You Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve to Profit This is part one of a four part quasi White Paper I have put together on the changing and controversial landscape of traditional blogging. My hope is to create a conversation on whether people agree or disagree that traditional blogs are dying, and what the future holds… Read more →

Pay It Forward Charity Blog Contest Results

Results Are In & The Winners Are…. ** If you have Stumbled Upon this blog after the contest has closed please post your comments below or subscribe to our email list as we will be doing more in the future!!!! First Place – Suwari (Comment 41)  Second Place – Yang T (Comment 31) Third Place- Nicola (Comment 49) We will update which… Read more →

Blog Contest – Pay It Forward

*** CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED*** Thank you to all contest entrants, after tabulation the results will be posted here: /charity-blog-contest/ WIN MONEY FOR YOUR CHARITY & A FEW GOODIES FOR YOU This contest is brought to you by my daughters Emma, Hanna & Grace in the spirit of giving. Two of my beautiful daughters survived and thrived after heart surgery.… Read more →

Blogology-The Science of Blogging

Well, finally got time to get a underground project into the light! We launched this weekend, and are actively looking for writers (Blogologists) who are willing to work for next to nothing in the short term, in exchange for future limelight and percentage of profits.  We have WordPress covered, so if you know of anyone who would like to write about Blogger… Read more →