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Own Your Own Name Online

I was recently out for drinks with a friend and the conversation led to ‘Googling’ your own name. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and Googled his name…

First result was his LinkedIn  profile… good start!

The rest of the first page results were related to his name appearing in various charity and foundation Web documents. What can I say, “He is a quality guy!”

Then I asked a simple question, “Do you own your”

His answer didn’t surprise me, “NO, how do you go about getting that?

The conversation that led from there was me assuring him that it’s not hard, it’s not expensive and if your name is available you would be crazy not to make the annual investment of around $10 a year! So as we finished our drinks, I promised to send him an e-mail that night with a link where he could check to see if his name was available and purchase it at discount.

This is the link I sent him on how to search and purchase your own name online using a service called GoDaddy :  GoDaddy (See & click on image below on what do when you get there)

Now, he is one of the lucky ones and will be picking up his right away! If you have a very common name, like Mike Smith, then it is a totally different conversation. (If you are in that situation should mean an e-mail as I have a few friends in the domain brokerage business you may want to talk to!)

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PS. Love the psycho TV ad…