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Help! My PC is Slower Than a Turtle

A couple years ago I wrote a post about NOT buying a new computer until you have given your current snail of a PC a tune up (PC Optimization). Just the other day I had a conversation with my father about him wanting to AGAIN buy a new computer, because his is sooooo slowwww!!! My rule of thumb, is that if its a problem for my Dad, it is definitely a common problem for most average PC users, as he is about as non technical as they come :)

As the ‘Slow PC’ question comes at me so often, not so long ago I even put together a guide, that I give to email subscribers, friends & family who are prepared to put forth a little elbow grease to get their computers running top notch. If you want this free guide, just sign up to my email list top right and shoot me an email and I will gladly send you a PDF version.

For those of you who are non techie, and don’t want to spend a few hours reading and manually cleaning your machines, then my best advice is to spend a few bucks and use the king of PC Fixer Upper software called System Mechanic. Umm, the name kind of says it all,  so I though I would just paste this video which has a link for more info below.



Double Your Marketing Effectiveness Overnight

Nothing to buy here folks…! 

Online marketing is dependant upon the PC’s, laptops and software we use everyday. If you sit back and analyze your online activities for a period in time, you may quickly realize just how much time you spend waiting for software programs to open, files to download and web page after webpage to painfully open. If your equipment and software you use, for your online marketing, is slowing you down, then its time for a seasonal marketing oil change. Quite simply, if you can increase the speed of your computer, download speeds and software, then you will spend less time waiting and more time marketing, virtually doubling your marketing effectiveness overnight. 

Here is the equation:   

(100x Online Marketing -50x Waiting) = 2x or Double Your Marketing Effectiveness                                      25x Online Marketing 

Follow these free & simple steps to give your hardware and software a quick and easy fall oil change and double your online marketing effectiveness overnight. The amount of time you will save will astonish you. Remember to do this monthly (weekly is best) and you will be running at peak marketing efficiency all year long. 

Before starting go to and do a test, write your download and upload speeds for reference afterwards. Also make note of how long it takes commonly used programs on your computer to open. This should improve dramatically once you are done. 

Step 1: Download and run this free spyware weekly for maximum impact. The thousands of web pages you surf muddle up your computer with performance robbing junk spyware.  

Step formerly called Crap Cleaner; CCleaner will remove temporary internet files, useless leftovers from loading software and a bunch of other stuff that is slowing your software and computer down. Make sure to also run not just the Cleaner but as well the Registry cleaner. If you have neglected your registry for sometime, this alone can double the speed of some computers. 

Step  Download this free web accelerator from Google and watch the time savings add up quickly. For those more technical you can also tweak your own internet connection by using the free download TCP Optimizer found here  

Step 4:  Defrag your computer. You can use your Windows XP or Vista System Tools to do this, but for maximum performance I would recommend Ultimate Defrag 2008, of which you can get a 14 day free trial. Do this at bare minimum once a month! 

Alternatively, if you wanted one piece of software that does almost all of the above, you could buy a software program like System Mechanic 7, which tweaks and maximizes your PC with just a few clicks. As all the programs I have mentioned and techniques just require a little elbow grease and are completely free. I hope you will take the time and save your hard earned money to enjoy life, or worst case scenario pay for some additional marketing efforts! 

Once you have finished your cleaning and maximizing, go back to , and check your new download and upload speeds, and again note how long does it take for common programs to open. You should notice a dramatic improvement. 

The time you will have saved can now be spent marketing instead of waiting, selling instead of loading, and enjoying double the marketing effectiveness from keeping your hardware and marketing software running at the same speed you do.

XP & Vista Optimization- Don’t Buy A New Computer Until You Have Done This! Do THIS If You Have Bought A New PC!

My PC is slow? Vista Sucks! VIC 20 is faster than this damn computer which is about to get the wrath of a sledge hammer.

XP Optimization

Was talking  with my business partner Sam the other day and we both pretty much agreed for most people it is easier to buy a new computer than to get an old one working after even as little as 6 months of daily abuse. Although some days I am fairly technical, most people just don’t take the time to defrag their computer, run multiple scans for viruses, spy-ware, malware and useless cookies, downloads and more. Even after doing all the aforementioned fixes… hours later you computer may still be slow.

Even worse, you may have a brand new PC and because all of the crap that comes loaded on machines these days… it is 25x more sluggish than it has to be.

If this all sounds Greek or even if you are confident in your techie abilities then I am going to make a very bold personal claim.

“For VERY FEW dollars and a ZERO WORK you can double the speed of any computer old or new on your own! How do I know this? I Lee Raito, scouts honor, have done it…and if I can do it! SO CAN YOU!”

Fast PC Guide

I downloaded and used System Mechanic to rid my old PC of  thousands of bugs and tune up my machine. Now it did not increase my computers speed by 800% as they claim, but it sure as heck more than doubled it’s speed!

Also I do have FREE step by step guide if you don’t want to outlay any cash and are prepared to clean up your PC with a little elbow grease! In this guide, I actually show you how to optimize any Windows computer step by step.  ‘Even if you skip a few steps’, it will still work wonders. My other VISTA laptop (which doesn’t have System Mechanic) is twice as fast as it was out of the box, and another 3 year old $3000 XP Desktop is faster today than the day I bought it. If you want this guide free, just join my email list top right and shoot me an email saying you’d like the free Speed Up My PC guide.

Anyway, hope this helps you get a little more life out your PC that is probably perfectly fine, but just needs a little cleaning up!