Daily Activity Motivator

Are there activities that you need to do every day for you J.O.B. or business that  are necessary, but at the same time you find difficult to find the motivation to get done? I want to give you a mind shift. This mind shift will only work if in some fashion you are motivated by money, and that difficult activity… Read more →

Thank You

After several years of blogging there are two words I love to hear, and even more so that I absolutely experience joy saying to other people! Thank you! AKA thanks, tks or thankyou!!!! Today, I received my 100th blog comment and two emails from various people thanking me for my help and gosh darn it feels good! What can I… Read more →

Perception is Reality

The last two days have been filled with change, and maybe you are experiencing something similar to millions across the planet; job change, relationship breakdown, change in financial position, etc. Change like many other things can only be percieved in three ways; bad, neutral or good! But everyone, including myself, seems to often focus in and allow the end emotional… Read more →


I have been thinking and facing accountability every where I turn this week, and I honestly believe it explains so many personal & professional failures in all of our lives.   1. Accountability to oneself, for most people, is useless unless you can create concrete consequences and reward systems that you force yourself to adhere to. (e.g. Very few people… Read more →