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Give Your Best Ideas Away

Give Your Best Idea Away Free 

At the end of this post I am going to give away one of my best ideas of the day away free to you and the world. 

Give Your best Ideas Away Free

‘Give Your Best Ideas Away Free!’ This is an interesting statement, and around most entrepreneurs I know it is also one that gets mixed reactions. I’ve had some people just get down right stupid and mean hearted when asked to give away their best ideas. Can you blame them? No, it’s just a fact of life we tend to guard what we think could be profitable, and as a result the natural greed in us shines through. The two year old who doesn’t know how to share and yells ‘MINE’ still lives in all of us.

Here is the theory behind my madness! Call it karma, call it my belief  in the laws of the universe… call it whatever you want, but I truly believe that if you, me or anyone else has an idea that for whatever reason can not implement in a reasonable amount of time, the idea will simply get lost. This does no one any good, and in reality when people hear great ideas 99% won’t implement them, even if they had the time and resources to.

What I am hoping for is the 1%, or the tenth of one percent of people who will take the idea and make it happen.

All I ask is that if you are that rare person to run with one of my ideas, that one day you pay me in what ever manner you feel fit. In other words pay what you felt that idea was worth one year after you implemented it.

Idea # 1 Purchase the web domain and establish a service for people to follow up with people they meet in their life. This service could have social networking features, but more importantly the ability after meeting someone and getting their email address, to send people to their customized link.  The possibilities to provide services to users are endless from there. If you have read the Tipping Point this concept will intrigue you.

That’s it! Now go out there and share your best ideas!



Use Go To My PC

Use GoToMyPC  (or Mac) Only After You Have Read This

Although I love GoToMyPC and use it every single day when I am traveling to connect to my home and work PC, there are a couple of things I wish I knew before I started using it!

In all fairness, I still would have ended up using GoToMyPC, every bit as much as I do today, but it’s not something the company or anybody points out to you.

1. You can connect to your home PC anytime 24/7 and use your computer just as if you were sitting in front of it! BUT, if the computer is turned off, or crashes, you are out of luck unless you have access to someone who can reboot it for you. GoToMYPC will not turn your computer on remotely as of this date.

2. While you are working on your home or work PC you can use every piece of software, every file or pictures on the computer you are connecting to. If you have sensitive material you are looking at, there is a function in your GoToMyPC Settings that will black out the screen on the PC you are connected to. Very important if the PC you are connecting to is at your office

Now you know, and my conscience is clear! If you aren’t currently a GoToMyPC user I have negotiated for you a free month, and $10 off at the link below.

GoToMyPC Free Trial + $10 Off


Lee Raito

Classmates IPO

Classmates filed with the SEC today… Initial Public Offering is on its way.

Having at one point personally spent cold hard cash for an annual membership at, I can see the validity in owning stock of one of the largest and arguably the ‘Grandaddy’ of social networking companies online. Classmates was one of the true pioneers of social networking, and has built a huge registered data base of free users (Rumoured to be 50 million strong) and an impressive two million paying customers.

A concern for potential investors will be in the financials and the competition. On gross revenue of over 40 million, Classmates is still losing money on paper. Does that matter in the world of Internet stocks? In the short term no, but over the long term absolutely. Over the long term, they will compete with the likes of My Space & Facebook. One of the key reasons I no longer keep a paid membership at Classmates, is all my school friends are now using Facebook…

Either way the IPO is registered and official with the SEC, and will be one I will follow closely.

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Meeting Notes Magic

Meeting notes, sales follow up, and anything else you need typed up…but just never seem to find the time. We all know what this results in; lost sales opportunities, unhappy clients and if your in the financial or legal world it may even be a compliance or legal issue.

Enter the best thing for anybody in sales to debut in a long, long time ‘CopyTalk’.

Quite simply you dial the CopyTalk phone number (if your smart its on autodial) and dictate your meeting notes, quick follow up message or laundry list. Several hours later on whatever email addresses you indicate comes a neatly typed dictation of exactly what you recorded. No more slotting time in your schedule at the end of each day to type up notes, no more headaches because of missed opportunities, and definitely NO MORE EXCUSES.

Its not free, but then again what does not getting your notes done cost you every month? I would dare say hunderds if not thousands of dollars depending on your business.

I am in no way associated with CopyTalk, this a personal endorsement based on my experience with a service that I wish I had years ago.

If meeting notes are important to you or anyone you know I highly recommend


Lee Raito