You & Your Childs Smartphone Pics Might Be Putting Your Privacy At Risk

Please share this with your kids, family & friends. If you or your child take pictures with a smart phone, iPod, tablet and post them online. You may be be giving away your photos exact location to anyone online who wants to locate the exact GPS coordinates within a few meters; your home, school, etc. Yes it is very scary. There… Read more →

How To Shut OFF Your Location Services for your iPhone, iPad & iPod to Protect Your Privacy

If you are at all concerned about anyone finding your, or your kids,  exact physical location via your/their iPhone, iPad or iPod pictures then you need to SHUT OFF your locations setting for your iPhone camera and other camera apps. Every time you take a picture your exact GPS location is built into invisible data in the digital picture file… Read more →

Top Ten Tools For 2010

These tools, ideas, software, blogs and online services are my top ten for you to consider making your life, business and technology work a lot harder for you this year, and beyond! I say ‘our’, as I can not take credit for all of them, as many readers and other blogs I regularly read have pointed out several of these!… Read more →

Google Audio

I love music and you probably do to. Thanks to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch for bringing this to every one’s attention. Is Google sending users who search for music to iLike & LaLa a game changer? In my humble opinion NO. (Great for iLike  & Lala though) It’s certainly different that you may now actually be able to find songs… Read more →

Video In PDF

If you are in sales, marketing, or in any fashion deliver PDF’s to clients and prospects you should be getting very excited.  2009 marks the year where the Adobe Free Reader finally allows everyday internet users to watch videos in PDF documents you send them. Think of it this way. If three companies were sending similar PDF proposals to a… Read more →