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The Black and Blue or Gold and White Dress Solved

Is the dress black and blue or gold and white?

This question blew up the internet this past few days. My daughters brought the image to my attention last night, making the rounds on Twitter under various hashtags #TheDress, #blackandblue, etc. Everyone, and I mean everyone, including my family, @justinbieber, and @talyorswift saw different colours, or both, at different times of the day, or saw it change colors before their eyes. I have seen both, but  at first glance was black & blue.

First thought would be that it is one of those animated pictures, called GIFS, but it is not. You can screen shot the image, and it will still appear differently to various people.  Scientists are weighing in. Late night talk shows will be weighing in tonight. People are arguing in the streets, and fighting in school hallways across the planet!

Fact: The source which originally got the controversy to go viral, via Tumblr,  eventually determined the dress to be Black & Blue. In fact, other sources indicate the dress is ONLY sold in that color.

Mystery Solved: 

Human eyes are imperfect, and can be easily tricked to see one color and interpret as another. Our eyes are all different  by so many factors, and the reality is that geometric shapes, angles, lighting, clever placement, and a thousand other things can mess up our brains ability to properly distinguish color. These illusions have been studied for years.

Example:  How many different color circles do you see in the box below?

Striped Circles



The answer: Only Two (Blue & Green)




Reality: The dress is black and blue, but sometimes your brain is telling you it is gold & white, and that’s OK! You are human. Booyaaa…  mystery solved :) Unless, of course, you wanna argue about it?

You & Your Childs Smartphone Pics Might Be Putting Your Privacy At Risk

Please share this with your kids, family & friends.

If you or your child take pictures with a smart phone, iPod, tablet and post them online. You may be be giving away your photos exact location to anyone online who wants to locate the exact GPS coordinates within a few meters; your home, school, etc. Yes it is very scary. There is no reason to give bad people access to your location or that of your children.

Side note: My mom likes to forward me all types of crazy emails. Did you see this crazy Internet one warning you? That one about emergency cellphone battery life?  More often than not, I head over to to see if it is a fake viral email. Sorry Mom, but you have sent me a few duds over the years. This time though she sent me something that I think that anyone who takes pictures with their phone or have kids who take pictures with iPods, smart-phone, or even iPads/tablets NEEDS to not only see.. but act on immediately. Kudos Mom and thanks for sharing.

Watch this video.

It is a couple years old, so isn’t new news, but has racked up over 10 Million views. Below the video I will give a resource ‘How To Post’ on how easy it is to ensure your iPhone, iPad & iPod phone pictures DO NOT contain any embedded location data.

The small instructions given at the end of the video are not up to date. Here is how to turn off Geo-Location data for the iPhone and other apple devices. All other smart phones would have similar setting as well; just consult Google and you should be good to go.

Here is a post I did  for changing privacy settings on Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad: How To Shut OFF Your Geo-location for your iPhone, iPad & iPod to Protect Your Privacy

Hope this has helped you or someone you know.




Weird & Wacky Wednesday

I have had a long standing picture album on Face Book called my Weird & Wacky album that I have decided, rightly or wrongly, to share with you and the rest the world wide web. These are pictures I have taken over the past few years that made me laugh,  scratch my head or were just so whacky I had to keep them.  Hope you enjoy Weird & Wacky Wednesday!!! As I take more random pics I will post them on Weird & Wacky Wednesdays.

Yorkie~Sexist Chocolate Bar
Sexist Chocolate Bar
Best Kleenex Dispenser Ever
Best Kleenex Dispenser Ever
People Do Look Like Their Pets
People Do Look Like Their Pets
Weird Recycling
My Recycling Box IS Staring At Me
Interesting Plate in Restaurant Bathroom
Your WIfe IS HOT
You Wife is HOT
Urinal Headrest
Urinal Headrest
unhappy snow
Unhappy Snow
Best Restauraunt Bill Ever
Best Restaurant Bill Ever
sign contradiction
Sign Contradiction
Mad Housewife
Mad Housewife
get your butt seen
Get Your Butt Seen
fifty trillion dollars
Fifty Trillion Dollars
Change The Damn Roll
Spanish Sign
Spanish Sign (Canada)
best giftbag ever
Best Gift-bag Ever
creepy street art
Creepy Street Art
coffee art
Coffee Art
5 lbs of fat
5 lbs of Fat




Balloon Boy & Miracle Baby

Wow!!! As a parent, I’m not sure how I feel about either of these crazy almost lethal experiences! Either way, these stories are turning heads and I’m sure a few stomachs on YouTube, CNN and TV’s around the world!!!

Balloon Boy

Turns out he wasn’t in the balloon after all (might it be a publicity stunt!)


Baby Survives Being Run Over By Tram (Train)

It is my understanding this baby survived unharmed… unbelievable!


Full Moon

You know there is a full moon near when David Letterman is publicly dealing with extortion over sex scandals, Chicago is in tears over failing to get the 2016 Olympics, and Breast Cancer Awareness month is being over shadowed by Typhoon Pepeng (don’t get me wrong… both deserve attention!)

If you believe Full Moons affect people, then I guess you are NO different than many Police Officers and Emergency Room staff all over the world.

The reality is, that once the statistics of Full Moons are applied to hospital room visits, extortion scandals, typhoons and even breast cancer, it is revealed that a harvest moon or full moon is just any other day of the year. You may have heightened awareness on these days, but statistically it isn’t any more weird than other days of the lunar phase.

No offense if you are Police Officer or Emergency Room doctor.

Man Can Fly

This continues on with my theme this week of  “Anything Is Possible!”

If you are a thrill seeker who is bored with jumping out of planes… you’ll want to do this!

For everyone else be prepared to hold your breath!


Is Customer Service Dead?

Do you have a customer service story? I may want to include it in my next book!

The idea of writing a book called Is Customer Service Dead, came to me a few years back when I was completing a chapter in my first book entitled, ‘Bend Over & Apologize.’ In that chapter, amongst other things, I recounted a bad experience with a pair of Hush Puppy dress shoes that ended with me couriering my dirty footwear directly to the CEO of Hush Puppies, Inc. My customer service is dead story ended with me being a semi-satisfied Hush Puppy owner, but I know my story literally pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of personal stories, both good & bad just screaming to be collected into a book.

Let’s face it, we have all personally experienced, or at the very least, heard way too many gut wrenching customer service horror stories that usually end up fading away, and over time are forgotten. Even worse, there are great customer service stories that never get told, and that is a true shame!

Not anymore…

There are several ways I will be collecting people’s stories for Is Customer Service Dead:

(A)   People can comment on this blog post. If you or someone you know has a story to tell just click the comment button below and spill your guts. Make sure your email is valid, as if your story is selected for inclusion in the book, I will need to get in touch with you.

(B)   Soon people will be able to  comment on (June 2009)

(C)  You or anyone can email your story to

There has to be some pretty crazy stories out there, and we are all dying to hear them. Even if you just want to answer the question, “Is Customer Service Dead?” I look forward to your response!

Urgent Warning About Gardasil (Truth or Fear Mongering)

I have three daughters so this issue is very important to discuss with my family, but when you get emails from friends and family freaking you out that  girls are dying and having adverse affects from a vaccine created  to protect our daughters from cancer… confusion and anger sets in.

Do we trust the medical doctors, the naturopathic doctors, the FDA or do we trust people like Jenny Thompson who is neither? 

It  makes you wonder who you can REALLY trust as an information source on the internet these days. I don’t normally post information like this but felt compelled to see what other people think. I’m not vouching PRO or CON the speaker, but below is the video. I would also suggest you look at this article that claims the video is a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information.


What do you think?

Mahatma Gandhi’s iPhone

The is my first post via my iPhone WordPress App. Honestly, if you had told me a year ago that I’d be switching from Blackberry I would have made a comment that ended with, “from my cold dead hands!”

Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

I agree and don’t know too many people that would dispute Gandhi. This quote has been an inspiration to me, but for some reason, has always seemed incomplete… So my deepest apologies to Gandhi but I changed it!

“To be the change you want to see in the world you must constantly be changing!”~ Lee Raito

Change is the one constant we can all count on. Whether it’s changing to an iPhone, changing your income, or changing your lifestyle…

YOU just have to decide to change and go for it.

Mahatma Gandhi would have loved the iPhone!!!

Don’t Use AVG Until You Read This

Top 5 Reasons Not To Use AVG Antivirus Software

  1. You ‘Secretly’ want to get rid of your computer, and sort of enjoy the fact that some pimple faced hacker genius teenager on the other side of the world can use your PC while you sleep to send millions of spam emails.
  2. You have a crush on the technician at the computer shop and you feel the monthly $29.95 Virus Removal charge is more economical than the online dating site eHarmony! Oops… another Trojan horse!
  3. You’re broke or just plain too cheap. (Guess nobody told you basic AVG was free!!!)
  4. Your Mom works for Norton.
  5. Last, but not least, you’re a Hacker and think it would just be DUMB to use anything that is legit.

For everyone else…

AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.