You & Your Childs Smartphone Pics Might Be Putting Your Privacy At Risk

Please share this with your kids, family & friends. If you or your child take pictures with a smart phone, iPod, tablet and post them online. You may be be giving away your photos exact location to anyone online who wants to locate the exact GPS coordinates within a few meters; your home, school, etc. Yes it is very scary. There… Read more →

Weird & Wacky Wednesday

I have had a long standing picture album on Face Book called my Weird & Wacky album that I have decided, rightly or wrongly, to share with you and the rest the world wide web. These are pictures I have taken over the past few years that made me laugh,  scratch my head or were just so whacky I had… Read more →

Balloon Boy & Miracle Baby

Wow!!! As a parent, I’m not sure how I feel about either of these crazy almost lethal experiences! Either way, these stories are turning heads and I’m sure a few stomachs on YouTube, CNN and TV’s around the world!!! Balloon Boy Turns out he wasn’t in the balloon after all (might it be a publicity stunt!) [youtube][/youtube] Baby Survives Being… Read more →

Full Moon

You know there is a full moon near when David Letterman is publicly dealing with extortion over sex scandals, Chicago is in tears over failing to get the 2016 Olympics, and Breast Cancer Awareness month is being over shadowed by Typhoon Pepeng (don’t get me wrong… both deserve attention!) If you believe Full Moons affect people, then I guess you… Read more →

Man Can Fly

This continues on with my theme this week of  “Anything Is Possible!” If you are a thrill seeker who is bored with jumping out of planes… you’ll want to do this! For everyone else be prepared to hold your breath! [youtube][/youtube] Read more →

Is Customer Service Dead?

Do you have a customer service story? I may want to include it in my next book! The idea of writing a book called Is Customer Service Dead, came to me a few years back when I was completing a chapter in my first book entitled, ‘Bend Over & Apologize.’ In that chapter, amongst other things, I recounted a bad experience with… Read more →

Urgent Warning About Gardasil (Truth or Fear Mongering)

I have three daughters so this issue is very important to discuss with my family, but when you get emails from friends and family freaking you out that  girls are dying and having adverse affects from a vaccine created  to protect our daughters from cancer… confusion and anger sets in. Do we trust the medical doctors, the naturopathic doctors, the FDA… Read more →