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Define Failure

Is failure holding you back? Is failure an option?

I was asked a question this week that has dominated my thoughts ever since…

The question was, “What is failure to you?

As a person who sometimes procrastinates on dealing with confrontation, I started asking other people what their definition was. This was my 1st attempt at avoiding the inner conflict of answering the question honestly! Sad…but true!

Here are a few of the responses from various people before I publicly tackle my inner demons:

* it’s like failing a test
* failure is not trying
* truly screwing up
* letting someone down

Now before I go insane, I am going to try and honestly reveal to you, and at the same time answer what my personal definition of failure is! In doing so I hope you can relate,  or at least begin to identify if your own personal definition of failure is in any way holding you back. I’m sure we all are affected differently…

What is failure to me?

* failure is not an option (hear me out)

Unfortunately, over the past decade I have CONVINCED MYSELF  that I’m conditioned  to NOT allow failure as an option. I think ultimately this has been my greatest downfall. On one hand I teach my children they need to fail repeatedly to learn and ultimately succeed! On the other hand, I practice the complete opposite and have never allowed myself to truly fail!

Sure, I have had minor failures and I dismiss them as such. But, have I ever placed it all on the line and RISKED major failure?  NO!

Ok, so if I did allow failure as an option, what would it look and feel like?

* it would mean having to watch my wife and children go with out because I failed
* it would mean I would have to admit failure is an option and indeed possible
* it would mean having to say “I Failed”  to myself, to my family and to the world and actually try and fix any mess I would have created.

At the end of the day I have to go back to a definition given by the most important person in my life, next to my children, my wife! Her definition to me was the most profound…

Tanya said, “Failure is not even trying!”

I have so much to learn 🙂

This video below says it all!!!


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