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Define: Social Commerce

The definition below will appear in a book that I am publishing this fall, along with co-author and co-founder of Sam Heyer. After a year of research and development, we feel it is about time for a standard definition to be used. Social Commerce will be just one amazing but all important chapter in our book. The definition below when applied to any website, product or service is truly powerful.

Social Commerce is a trusted environment where friends, family and acquaintances dynamically contribute content to the referral and sale of goods and services though positive and negative feedback, reviews, ratings and testimonials regarding their experiences past & present. In short, social commerce is a trusted environment of which prospective consumers make buying decisions based on the advice of a network of friends and family, not strangers they don’t know or trust. Lee Raito & Sam Heyer

This definition of ‘Social Commerce’ may be used as long as it is reproduced as it appears here. with our names and domain remaining linked.

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