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Destiny Versus Plan

Do you have a destiny? Do you control your life?

Spent sometime today thinking about destiny versus my life by design today and I know which camp I firmly stand in.

Where do you stand?

If you totally disagree with me please reply with your thoughts… I am very curious to hear other peoples take on ‘destiny’!

Random thoughts:

*I was no more destined to be a financial professional, than a writer or a professional musician. Fact: I have chose to be all of these things, albeit the term ‘amateur professional musician is probably more accurate.

*When I think of every second of my life, I can not think of one instance that truly could be defined as destiny or fate. I love being a father, a soul mate and a husband, but I would be hard pressed to prove destiny or fate played a part.

* I make the daily decision(s) in life that propel me forward and some days even set me back.

* 95% of the Raito’s Family life has been by plan or some may call ‘by design’! The other 5% has either been positive or negative incidents out of our control (my estimation is that 3% of those uncontrollable events were based on the decisions or actions of other people & 2% truly wild card events). Believe you me… That 2% has rocked our world over the years!

*Like ‘Neo’ in the Martrix movies. I am in control of my life.

Now here is where I will openly contradict myself!

Even though I am openly stating I don’t believe in destiny or fate. I am quite confident there are stories out there that might make me believe that destiny or fate exists in this world. I want to learn more…



Plan it out through and though! This is a very inspiring post. I believe you make choices in your life, and those choices reflect on the over all outcome. Every choice you make effects your life good or bad – if you live your life thinking your destiny will just fall in your lap, well then I think you will be waiting for a long time. I strongly believe you don’t get anywhere in life by dreaming about it, Go out take the plunge, sink or swim you tried! (Have a well thought out plan first though!)

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