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Don’t Use AVG Until You Read This

Top 5 Reasons Not To Use AVG Antivirus Software

  1. You ‘Secretly’ want to get rid of your computer, and sort of enjoy the fact that some pimple faced hacker genius teenager on the other side of the world can use your PC while you sleep to send millions of spam emails.
  2. You have a crush on the technician at the computer shop and you feel the monthly $29.95 Virus Removal charge is more economical than the online dating site eHarmony! Oops… another Trojan horse!
  3. You’re broke or just plain too cheap. (Guess nobody told you basic AVG was free!!!)
  4. Your Mom works for Norton.
  5. Last, but not least, you’re a Hacker and think it would just be DUMB to use anything that is legit.

For everyone else…

AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.

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