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If You Suck at Typing Like Me

I have mentioned this software to so many people, thought it was high time to do a quick blog post & video. FYI  I’m going to try and do more audio & video in 2010.

Whether you suck at typing like I do, or just need to take a break from typing for a multitude of reasons. I have put together this short demo of how I use a speech recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking to do my meeting notes.  Apparently, I could use the  software to completely control my computer with out my keyboard, but doubt  I will ever get there.

As a side note,  Dragon is also available as a free iPhone App which you can locate here: I have used the app and do like it, but just wish it wouldn’t force me to stop and continue after 30 seconds of dictation. I’m assuming that they will come out with a paid version that solves that problem 🙂

Here it is! Would love to hear what how you are starting to integrate speech recognition in your business or life?



Dragon Software

Yeah good post considering this is not only good for bloggers, but people in college, business, and has many other uses. With the new ability to control your computer, open programs, it’s just simply amazing.

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