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Get Contagious with Gregory Ng

Gregory over at reminded me of something very important. 

He posted on his blog a video posing a simple question. What are you doing to cut though the noise with your messaging? I semi-brilliantly answered the question, and it immediately reminded me that I have gotten off track with my MARKETING & IDEA blog.  Sure, I want to write about odd topics and go off on tangents, but is that cutting through the noise of the 1000’s of other marketing blogs you can read online? How many idea guys are blogging these days? (Just checked and there are 9.6 Million Results in Google…ouch!) 

Nike says __________! 

Face book lets you ________! 

Google is the king of _________! 

Now I understand these are global brands and I am not…yet! But, we all need to be crystal clear these days on our value proposition and specifically how we differ from the crowd. My point here being, our messaging starts with how we are perceived by our customers, as any future messages will never be heard or seen if we don’t have our customers attention in the fist place. 

I have some FUN work to do this weekend in retooling my messaging, and if you find yourself in the same situation maybe this is a good kick in the butt for you to the same. Either way, go check out Greg’s video at

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