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I love music and you probably do to. Thanks to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch for bringing this to every one’s attention.

Is Google sending users who search for music to iLike & LaLa a game changer?

In my humble opinion NO. (Great for iLike  & Lala though)

It’s certainly different that you may now actually be able to find songs your looking for and listen to them via Google Search, but apparently to start ONLY if you are in the US of A.  In speaking to my US based friends and business partners today, they are anxiously waiting to start seeing song results… but we are expecting, as usual,  nodda up here in Canada! My hope is that Google doesn’t go off strategy of providing the most relevant results versus pushing people to partners.

If you are outside of the USA and want to see what it looks like check it out here:

Is it a game changer in the online music distribution industry? Nope.

Is Apple’s  iTunes having late night board room strategy sessions as a result? Maybe.

Will people buy music after searching for it for FREE on Google! Wait and see…

The one thing I will say, is it’s going to be an interesting year in the online music distribution world :)

What do you think?

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