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Is Food Stressing You Out?

Is Food Stressing You Out?

If you had to rate your level of stress by describing yourself as food what would you be? Are you a healthy well prepared five course meal or are you the proverbial Big Mac, Fries & Super Sized Milkshake?

Awhile back I wrote a post about the 5 most stressful events in life; death, job change, marriage, divorce & personal injury.  The problem with stress is that for the most part it is invisible, and in the case of major life events it is often out of your direct control or absolutely necessary. However, the food we eat, for most people in developed nations, is absolutely controllable and whether we want to admit it or not is directly related to our daily level of stress. An unhealthy body is a stressed out body!

Challenge Yourself to Remove Food Stress From Your Life

What if changing your eating habits for one month out of your life reduced your stress? A mere 28 days for many people is all it takes; my self included. You see, I never ask or recommend my readers to do anything that I haven’t already done myself or researched thoroughly.

My 28 Day Challenge

As one of the biggest meat eaters, BBQ lover and general foodie in my circle of family and friends, I went completely out of my comfort zone this past month and committed to eat as a VEGAN for 28 days. Yes you heard that right! I have never in the past, ever denied myself a quality rib eye steak before in my life. As a temporary VEGAN, that means absolutely no meat, no dairy, no saturated fats and solely surviving on greens, nuts, beans, soy products and vitamins.

So what happened?

After just 20 days, more than stress has melted away from my life. I am 8 pounds lighter, have way more energy, spent WAY less money on food, and every area of my life seems just a little bit better. I will definitely be going back to eating meat, but have a new found respect for food and how it affects me both physically & mentally.

If you are interested in challenging yourself, here are a few food challenge(s) and other resources for you to consider: (the first being a link to the exact 28 day challenge I took part in)

  1. 28 Day Vegan Challenge
  2. Mayo Clinic- Food & Anxiety
  3. 28 Day Diet Makeover (Muscle & Fitness)
  4. Eat Local Challenge ( Going to try this one next!)

If you end up taking a challenge or find another challenge to dig into, please let me know how you are doing, how it has affected your stress levels and or anything else on your mind. Thanks for reading, and please sign up to receive blog posts right to your email so we can stay in touch. (I respond to every email and love to hear your ideas and comments)

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