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Life’s Too Short For a Bad Book

I was fortunate enough to be reminded by a friend today of something I already knew, but had never quite heard stated so perfectly before. 

We have all heard the term ‘Life Is Too Short’ and it’s a damn good saying to live by in most situations. We can let too many things get to us too easily in relationships, our careers, driving the car in rush hour, when experiencing attitude from a total stranger while we are shopping, or on a simple phone call about our cable bill. Why do we really care?  

Let’s say you have bought a book and have started reading it. You find yourself on the 20th page and it is progressively getting worse. You have two simple choices.  

  1. You can keep painfully reading one of the worst books you have read in your life.
  2. Put the book down and never pick it up again…

What bad book are you experiencing in your life, your career, your relationships, or anywhere else? 

Put the book down and move on… life is too short for a bad book!

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