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Life Lessons This Past Month

1. Not everyone is going to like me, and even sometimes people are going to dislike me. Spending time and energy worrying about this fact gets me nowhere fast, and detracts me from living in the present and driving forward in every aspect of my life!

2. Time is my most valuable resource and the word ‘NO’ my greatest preventative weapon of mass defense. I have become aware of my desire to say ‘YES’, and as a result need to always realize I can easily become my own worst enemy!

3. Patience is so much more than a virtue, it can ultimately be the difference between success & failure! I have learned that although it is important to recognize when to quit, it is even more important for me to ask the question ‘why’ first! If the answer makes sense… Then & only then will I ever quit!

4. Good things happen when I follow my passions!

5. Love is not enough. The action of loving is more important!



Let go of the past is always a good one. Too many people hang on to what was, who was what and when. Learn from the past but look to the future. Always a good one to take with you.

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