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Your Marketing Entourage

I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of the TV show Entourage, but the friends I bounce my marketing ideas off of totally are. From here on in we will refer to these fellow marketing freaks as ‘My Marketing Entourage.’ 

Who’s part of your entourage? Who do you bounce ideas off? 

On my BlackBerry I have in constant rotation over 100 notes for crazy marketing ideas that I pull out when needed. But prior to implementing anything, I run them by ‘My Marketing Entourage’. More often than not I get negative feedback, and less often hear, “That’s a keeper!” Mixed in with the negative and positive, I always hear nuggets of information, and variations of my original ideas that in my wildest dream I never would have thought of! 

Your ‘Marketing Entourage’ makes you better, makes you smarter and ultimately pumps you up when you are down. 

If you read my blog regularly you are de facto a part of ‘My Marketing Entourage’! If you are stuck, you are down, need an honest opinion or just want to run an idea by another professional… shoot me an email or post a comment.


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