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Meeting Notes Magic

Meeting notes, sales follow up, and anything else you need typed up…but just never seem to find the time. We all know what this results in; lost sales opportunities, unhappy clients and if your in the financial or legal world it may even be a compliance or legal issue.

Enter the best thing for anybody in sales to debut in a long, long time ‘CopyTalk’.

Quite simply you dial the CopyTalk phone number (if your smart its on autodial) and dictate your meeting notes, quick follow up message or laundry list. Several hours later on whatever email addresses you indicate comes a neatly typed dictation of exactly what you recorded. No more slotting time in your schedule at the end of each day to type up notes, no more headaches because of missed opportunities, and definitely NO MORE EXCUSES.

Its not free, but then again what does not getting your notes done cost you every month? I would dare say hunderds if not thousands of dollars depending on your business.

I am in no way associated with CopyTalk, this a personal endorsement based on my experience with a service that I wish I had years ago.

If meeting notes are important to you or anyone you know I highly recommend


Lee Raito



I give CopyTalk a full 5 stars… what do you think?

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