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Finger Nails on a Chalk Board Marketing

So what do finger nails on a chalk board have to with marketing? 

Well, for starters it is a statement that can often create a physical response. Many people, including myself, will feel their back curl when they hear the term, and subconciously visualize and even internally hear nails painfully scratching against a dry black chalk board. Ouch! 

Creating a physical or emotional response can positively impact your marketing message. It can also have a negative effect if done improperly. Here are a few of the more effective advertising and marketing messages I have seen that use sound and imagery to drive home a physical response. Take notice if you a feel a physical response while watching these.

Canadian Work Safety Commercials (Warning this might disturb some people): 

[youtube] [/youtube] 

Baby Laughing: 


Australian Anti-Smoking TV ads: 

[youtube] [/youtube]

Shell Ferrari Commercial: 

[youtube] [/youtube]

If you have seen other good examples of marketing that evokes a physical response please post a comment and share.



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