Monday Motivation – Some Things You Can’t Achieve Alone # 6

2:22 min video to start your Monday off motivated and ready to take on the week. This may just be another flash mob video or is it? Flash mob videos all remind  me of  a simple message while entertaining me. There will always be certain things in … [Continue reading]

Monday Motivation – Just One Extra Degree #5

3:02 min video to start your Monday off motivated and ready to take on the week! Just one extra degree makes water boil! So many things in life are achieved by such a small margin of effort and or time. What can you give just a little extra effort … [Continue reading]

Happy Fathers Day Dads

I try to be a good father. I have to try harder at being a good son. This video says it all. Happy Father's Day httpv:// … [Continue reading]

You & Your Childs Smartphone Pics Might Be Putting Your Privacy At Risk

Please share this with your kids, family & friends. If you or your child take pictures with a smart phone, iPod, tablet and post them online. You may be be giving away your photos exact location to anyone online who wants to locate the exact … [Continue reading]

How To Shut OFF Your Location Services for your iPhone, iPad & iPod to Protect Your Privacy


If you are at all concerned about anyone finding your, or your kids,  exact physical location via your/their iPhone, iPad or iPod pictures then you need to SHUT OFF your locations setting for your iPhone camera and other camera apps. Every time you … [Continue reading]

Monday Motivation – Riding a Bike Takes Practise #4

:55 second video to start your Monday off motivated and ready to take on the week! Do you remember when you first rode a bike?  Lessons from crazy little kids are sometimes the most profound. Two thumbs up for Rock & … [Continue reading]

Monday Motivation – Positive Attitude is Everything #3

42 second video to start your Monday motivated and ready to take on the week! This video shows that a positive attitude is everything. It just happens to be cute babies in diapers to put a smile on your face. httpv:// I have … [Continue reading]

Monday Motivation – Live Today Like It Was Your Last #2

1;54 min video to start your Monday off motivated and ready to take on the week! Steve Jobs (R.I.P) was an inspiration to us all. If we took his his attitiude daily the world, and our own lives, would be so much better. Listen to him give a short … [Continue reading]

Throw Away Your Paper Receipts


I try to always share truly useful technology and apps when I find, test, and discover they help save me time or solve a problem. In doing my taxes this past year, I was able to NOT have to pull my gas receipts out of a shoebox and was easily able … [Continue reading]

The Recipe For Change

Eat Humble Pie

Happy New Years!!! New Years Resolutions have had a bad rap. I see many a blogger, author and commenter suggesting resolutions just don't work! I'm curious as to why. What makes CHANGE so difficult? Why do New Years resolutions fail more often … [Continue reading]