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Four Hour Body Slow Carb Diet

I just finished writing an email to my parents that I thought I would share with you. It’s important because it involves your health,  losing fat (not just weight) & adding years to your life on this planet. I don’t typically write about weight loss, but today is an exception. Today, I share with you  the dead simple food(s) I have ate over the past two months that directly resulted in my losing 21 pounds of fat on the ‘Slow Carb Diet’. After the email below,  I will share with you the link to the  book  I read  that started it all.

Here is the email:


Re:  Slow Carb Diet Recipes

Hey Mom & Mur,

As you will see below I am a creature of habit and just like the book says settled on variations of just a handful of meals I ate ALL the time. I like my food spicy so cayenne, curry & cumin are my thing but may not be yours 🙂 Especially at first, make WAY more than you think you should. If you make too much just save it in the fridge until your next meal. Quite often I could make breakfast in 3 minutes because I just had to reheat last nights leftovers and add my scrambled egg mixture.

I would also suggest doing a Google search for ‘ slow carb recipes” as there are a ton of people posting stuff these days. You may find something  you want to give a shot!


Always cooked in Macadamia Oil ( Olive oil and eggs suck). Macadamai Oil is about $10 at Safeway

1. 1 egg, 2-3 egg whites, Spinach  & Lentils (Minced Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Cayenne & Cumin to taste)
2. 1 egg, 2-3 egg whites, Black Beans & Corn (Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne & Cumin to taste)
3. 1 egg, 2-3 egg whites, Turkey Bacon & Lentils  (Garlic Salt, Pepper)
4. 1 egg, 2-3 egg whites, + last nights slow carb left overs

Lunch  and or  Dinner:

If needed cooked in Olive or Macadamia Oil

1. Chilli  (mmmmmmmm) (Chicken or Lean Beef)
2. Cajun Chicken, Mixed Vegetables or Broccoli,  & Beans (Black or 6 bean) (Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne & Cumin to taste)
3. Chicken or Lean Beef, Re-fried Beans, Vegetables Optional…. as I like to add Guacamole & Salsa on top of my meat & mushy beans
4. Lean Steak, Chicken or Fish, Black Beans & Corn (Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne & Cumin to taste)


  • More water than I have ever drank in my life. Not only a large glass with each meal, but an additional 2-4 bottles throughout each day
  • Wine. Hard to stop at 2 glasses a night, but I found as long as paired with water I still lost weight with 3-4 glasses per night
  • Black coffee ( i add cinnamon & cheat with fat free creamer)


Major caution here. Theses snacks I think are best reserved for an emergency only. After all you get to gorge yourself one day a week 🙂

1. Celery & Almond Butter ( Not as good as peanut butter but gets works in a pinch)
2. Almonds ( I chose to only eat 5-8 lightly roasted almonds for a snack as I don’t like plain almonds)
3. Veggie Platter ( no dip)

Cheat Day ( 1 per week):

No rules. Make yourself sick if you want… 🙂 I did eat a slow carb breakfast though and then went nuts with beer, potato chips, chocolate bars & anything else I had a craving for.


Eat lots, Drink Lots and watch the salt intake as canned beans seem to be high in sodium (hence rinse them well)! Do make sure to take your vitamins especially Calcium, Magnesium & B12)

Remember the Rules: I kept the book handy and re-read those two chapters probably 6 times.

Love ya.



End of email.

Original Wieght Was 200lbs Started Tracking My Weight Daily After I Lost First 5lbs
Fact: By following just two chapters on weight loss of the Four Hour Body I lost over 20 pounds in just over one month.

Fact # 2: Anyone can do the same.

Although there are tons of other goodies in this book. Even if you only read the two chapters on weight loss, and nothing else, I am confident you would have similar results as I have. In two sentences or less, the ‘Slow Carb” is not a diet in my mind,  but a shift in how you eat every day. You  still get too eat as much pizza and beer as you want one day a week, but for the first time in years you may experience a way too eat (lifestyle) that doesn’t leave you hungry….. EVER!

Here is the book:

Affiliate Link

Note: If you have any questions just ask. There is only very basic information here and I truly want to ensure that if you are interested in losing weight using  the Slow Carb Diet that you are successful.

Lastly, many thank to Timothy Ferris for writing the Four Hour Body and helping change not only my life, but thousands of others.

Here are a few other blog posts you may want to look at as well (including Tim Ferris’s original post on the diet):



Hi, it is just shy of three months since we received Lee’s e-mail.  I can tell you for sure this diet works, I have lost a total of eighteen (18) pounds since going on this diet the beginning of June.  Also, we have gone off the diet four times, because of going away.  Still, we try to watch what we eat when we can’t always have what we want.
Love the wine part.
The Mom

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