Weird & Wacky Wednesday

Yorkie~Sexist Chocolate Bar

I have had a long standing picture album on Face Book called my Weird & Wacky album that I have decided, rightly or wrongly, to share with you and the rest the world wide web. These are pictures I have taken over the past few years that made me laugh,  scratch my head or were just so whacky I had to keep them.  Hope you enjoy Weird & Wacky Wednesday!!! As I take more random pics I will post them on Weird & Wacky Wednesdays.

Yorkie~Sexist Chocolate Bar

Sexist Chocolate Bar

Best Kleenex Dispenser Ever

Best Kleenex Dispenser Ever

People Do Look Like Their Pets

People Do Look Like Their Pets

Weird Recycling

My Recycling Box IS Staring At Me


Interesting Plate in Restaurant Bathroom


Your WIfe IS HOT

You Wife is HOT

Urinal Headrest

Urinal Headrest

unhappy snow

Unhappy Snow

Best Restauraunt Bill Ever

Best Restaurant Bill Ever

sign contradiction

Sign Contradiction



Mad Housewife

Mad Housewife

get your butt seen

Get Your Butt Seen

fifty trillion dollars

Fifty Trillion Dollars



Change The Damn Roll


Spanish Sign

Spanish Sign (Canada)

best giftbag ever

Best Gift-bag Ever

creepy street art

Creepy Street Art

coffee art

Coffee Art

5 lbs of fat

5 lbs of Fat




Winnipeg Pride

Unless you are from Winnipeg or have visited our fine city this might not interest you. I will keep this short and brief as the only reason I am posting this picture of a broken, rusty & dirty sign at Portage & Main, is because I truly love Winnipeg and want to draw attention to city officials & other citizens that we have fallen down. I know we have more pride than currently being demonstrated at Portage & Main, and someone just needs to do their job and get this fixed. In fact, these signs are second rate. Tear them down and put up something that will truly show visitors how we take pride in our city.

When a city has an operating budget close to 800 Million dollars per year there is just no excuse to have broken signs at our most famous corner.

Hopefully, the right people will see this and take action.